What is 90 Days to Excellence?

Hi I’m Eric Jordan, founder of Eric Jordan Coaching. My specialty and expertise is in real estate training, real estate coaching and on-line marketing. My coaching and on-lines companies have signed up over 7,000 paying customers in all markets throughout North America. In addition, I have personally made close to 100,000 coaching calls to more than a 2,000 plus real estate agents throughout North America for the past 15 years. I have had the privilege of working with the brand new licensee to some of the biggest teams in the nation.

Have you ever heard the saying? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Well that’s a sad truth, isn’t it? In some cases, others have said this may also apply to our industry as well. Look around and ask yourself. Is the playing field even in our industry or are the top agents and/or teams moving further away from the pack?

Here’s a thought to keep in mind when looking at ones real estate business. There is NO thing as standing still. You are either moving ahead or falling behind. Which way are you going? Are you ready for a program that gives you the tools and structure you need to move your business to the next level? Do you ever ask yourself, I am moving my business in right direction regardless of a good market or bad market? Whether your goal is to do 5, 20, 50, or 100 plus transactions a year, is your net and/or profitability where it should be? How about the time and energy you put into your business? How about the wear and tear on you? How about the time away from your family and loved ones? Is your real estate business everything you thought it would be? Hopefully, more yes then no.

Why should you consider 90 Days to Excellence? Structure and systems… You ask? What’s structure and systems? It’s a proven business plan that works in all real estate markets good or bad. It’s not the in thing at the time that everyone is talking about. It’s a daily, weekly and/or monthly plan that is defined by date and time with scheduled activities. If you are looking for the magic answer, well it doesn’t exist.

Over the next 90 Days we will focus on key points that will steer your real estate business in the Right direction.

  • Goals Setting and Planning with a defined purpose

  •  Prospecting and Lead Follow-up systems that work
  • Marketing the right way. Not just hit and miss If you are up for a challenge and looking for proven systems that work, then you have found the right coaching program for you and your business.

For additional information:
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Here is what you will receive when signing up for 90 Days to Excellence:

Scheduled coaching call times: 90 Days to Excellence starts around the 15th of every month. 90 Days to Excellence coaching workbook with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, coaching tasks, daily accountability and much more. You will receive weekly accountability through coaching calls, emails, texts and daily tracking accountability. For additional information, please sign-up for your free coaching call. Thank you for your interest.

Coaching Programs 

What is One-On-One Coaching?

We provide customized 1 on 1 coaching and training for real estate agents. Our goal is to give you motivating & inspiring information that will help you grow personally and professionally.

Company Overview

We provide customized 1 on 1 coaching and training for real estate agents throughout the nation.

 I have also had the privilege to personally work with over 2,000 plus agents and personally made close to 100,000 coaching calls to some of the most productive sales people in America. Remember, as your coaching company, our goal is to have you "WIN" and reach your Business, Personal and Financial goals.

General Information

Your One-on-One Coaching Program includes the following: One-on-One Coaching consists of four consecutive weekly coaching calls and then one week off. The calls take place on the same day and time each week. These are personalized coaching calls with you and your coach only. This is not a group call. The length of each coaching call is approximately 30 minutes.

However, as your coaching company, we know some calls go longer than 30 minutes. That’s why we block our time slots in 45 minute intervals. Our One-on-One coaches are available outside of our scheduled calls to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Your One-on-One Coaching Program is built around your personal real estate goals and needs to get you the results you want. This is not a scripted coaching program.

Everything we do is tailored around the needs of our real estate clients. When you enroll in our One-on-One Coaching Program, you will be held to a higher level of accountability. Our goal, as your coach…is to have you "WIN" and reach your goals. Compare our personalized One-on-One Coaching Program to other coaching programs. You will find that this program is priced very competitively if not better than other one-on-one coaching programs.

Better yet, there are no long-term contracts to sign when enrolling with us. Most coaching programs require you to sign up for six months to a year. With us, your program is maintained on a month-to-month payment program. Our philosophy is, when a customer is given a quality product or service with great customer service, there's no need for any long-term contracts. We'd rather build one relationship at a time with good customer service. In addition, you will have access to our goal setter program to keep you focused throughout the year with your coach. This is an accountability tool to help you reach and achieve all of your goals.